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Our latest news!!! 

~ 8 inch Clic Dual Wheels now available
~ Our New Zealand company Clic Wheel Systems Ltd. have this year 09 taken over Australia!
We distribute nationwide in New Zealand - the whole range of Clic Duals from 8inch - 17inch rims.
In Australia - as of Sept. Clic SOK Duals ONLY.  For Heavy Duty Vehicles Up To 6 Tons

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Please take the time to peruse the words of some of our many satisfied customers...


“Duals have made a massive difference.  Using Clic Dual wheels there’s no spinning wheels, ripping up pasture, or getting towed out. There’s nothing like getting on with the job! It’s a lot safer with the Duals on.” 
Dennis Donaldson -  spraying contractor Cambridge

"Before I got my duals I spent over $2000.00 on minor repairs to my bike; that was just one of the roll-overs I've had."


Clic Duals are unreal!  I've halved the time needed feeding out using the bike and trailer. I can now work the farm uphill, downhill and on and off tracks, that were too slippery before. The neighbour borrows them too."

Kaimai Deer farmer Colin Patterson, has had Clic Duals on his  Polaris Magnum 500 ATV, and now on his Bobcat 2200.



 "We have a large council contract in the Redwood forest. The terrain is very diverse & varies between flat open spaces & very steep slippery banksides that don't see alot of sun. Clic Duals get the mower over the harsh rutted and deeply gauched tracks, and the extra grip to climb up mounds. We are able to turn sideways on hills safer.  Without the duals on we wouldn't be able to turn on the top of steep hills.  Clic Duals also allows the mower to mow flatter, stops leaning and gauching out the ground, so we do a tidier job too."I  was glad to met Andy on that day at John Deere Farm and Garden Equipment, they're good people.  I've used the Clic Duals from the day I purchased them.  They're on the mower all the time.  As soon as I get the final okay from  Kim  I'll get another set of Clic Duals when I get my new JD1565 mower."

Chris and Kim Curtis  Redwood Cottage & Barn Limited Rotorua - Mowing Contracting and Landscaping. 


"Best investment I have had yet! Thank you Andy."

Our mission simply & effectively - to make life safer and easier for off road vehicle users.