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How Clic Dual Wheels Work

A single Clic and your dual wheels are attached tightly.

You simply put the centering cone into the catch hole until the dual wheel snaps into place. With a short turn backwards, you "clic" the dual wheel tightly into place. Once "clic-ed" on, the dual wheels are as tight as if they were bolted on. The whole thing will hardly take as long as it takes you to read this paragraph. Uncoupling is just as fast. Simply swivel two levers, spin forward - that's all


   The Initial Assembly - The specific adaptor plates are bolted on and remain permanently to the existing wheel hub


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Clic Duals make it possible!  There are Makes & Models we haven't yet had the opportunity to fit Clic Duals too.
Every vehicle is different and used in and for different situations. 

We at Clic Wheel Systems endeavour to do our best to meet the needs of each individual customer.

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