Clic Dual Wheels FAQ

Why Use Dual Wheels? 

Think about the times you've rolled your vehicle, had a few too many near misses, or thought 'Geeze I'm not even going there!' ATV's (quad bikes) inparticular are narrow, with a high centre of gravity. It does'nt take much to roll, even on the slightest slope or uneven ground. Repairs to your vehicle easily pass the $2000 mark. At a greater cost however, injury to yourself, family member or employee. Physical and emotional trauma, back, limbs, head injuries, permanent disability, costs to your business, and your life. Roll bars, are recommended, however get trapped under it and it's like a guillotine. Please wear your helmets. 

Dual Wheels are the best and safest option on hill slopes and rugged terrain, and duals will greatly increase the traction in mud, sand, wet grass and even snow. When the wheels sink into the mud your tread gets clogged and a bow wave is formed in front of each wheel, making it harder to get out. Dual Wheels will give you the combination of extra flotation, grip and stability to get you through the awkward spots, you would'nt normally have a chance. Dual Wheels will save you time, hassles, and get you places!








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