We are proud to bring you Clic Dual Wheels since 2003

Our mission simply & effectively - to make life safer and easier for off road vehicle users.

Clic Wheel Systems Ltd.
Sole Importer and Supplier of
Clic Dual Wheels
in New Zealand

Andy Guet: I'm very proud to be the Managing Director of Clic Wheel Systems Ltd. 
I am now a Kiwi, but originally from Switzerland.
If you don't remember me for Clic Dual Wheels, you will for my swiss accent.

Suzanne is my wife. 
We have lived in Rotorua since 1996 with our two children. 
I also run an Auto Rust Repair and Welding business.

We use our combined family backgrounds in dairy and arable farming, and our swiss contacts, to successfully bring to you...

Clic Dual Wheels!



Clic Dual Wheels are
Swiss Designed and Engineered

Clic Dual Wheels manufactured by 
Starco GS Switzerland.

Originally GS Schaad Ltd. they have specialised in the manufacture of dual wheels for tractors and heavy machinery since 1972; more than 30 years international experience.

Through constant innovation, Starco rose to be the only full range dual wheel manufacturer for all types of vehicles worldwide.

 Starco GS continue their reputation in high quality and precision engineering.


Clic Dual Wheels have been available in Europe, Scandinavia, Indonesia, Asia, and the United Kingdom since 2002, and now in New Zealand and Australia; United States and Canada.